Welcome. My name's Jen, street name Lil Jenny. Having a woman's name used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore.

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Web design is a combination of visual aesthetics, user experience, and creativity to achieve end business goals.

I'll write more on this... check back soon.

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[fountain.thejenyuan.com] is a Tumblr blog I started in 2012. The blog has over 40k followers, I spent a lot of my time gaining followers back then; but I don't spend much time running it anymore. Now, it serves as my inspiration board, I also use it to promote artists and creators.

Allen, who contacted me in 2013 after I reblogged a photo from his first ever photo shoot (I always try to reblog from the source, that way the original creator can receive the most credit) became a great friend. Two years later I met him in Syracuse, NY, and together, we founded Qual Agency in 2015. Here's a picture of the first night we met (classic Allen pic).

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[ne-sense.com] otherwise known as Necessity Sense, is a boutique retail store in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides, fashion retailing, we are slowly introducing our own collections with a wider range of garments, and engaging designs.

It started in 2013, when Steve [my math tutor in high school] hit me up about the new company he was creating. Ne.Sense believes that the building of one’s sense and appreciation towards fashion, design, or art should be organically formed and not forced. This type of sense is slowly nurtured and may evolve over time. It is Ne.Sense's mission to cultivate this idea in Taiwan.

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Qual Agency

[qual.agency] is a design collective I founded with Allen, Elia, and Simon in 2015.

Together, we did work for SlamJam, 300 Ent, ISAORA, Runway Waiters, Fetty Wap, Young Thug... prominent figures in the fashion and hip-hop industry. We also run [useless mockups], a website that provides free photoshop mockups in a creative way, and the type foundry [Qualitype].

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Zen Themes

[zen-themes.com] started in 2013, was my first foray into the web design field.

When I was running my Tumblr blog I wanted to tweak it so that I can attract more visitors/followers. I end up learning the basics of front-end development, and so I started Zen Themes.

As I got busier with life. Zen Themes is now my playground to experiment with different styles and dev techniques. If you want to understand the project in depth, check out the about page.

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I'm bad with school

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I usually travel in between New York and Taiwan [TP/KH mostly].

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Phase Themes

[phasethemes.com] is a WordPress & Shopify theme collection I built (more themes will be continuously released). The themes are designed in a modern style for the masses, to accommodate for the market. I take extra attention in the user experience, and the code efficiency.

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Proficient in HTML/CSS, SASS, and javascript. Specialized in Tumblr, WordPress, and Shopify theme development

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suit, Sketch, wire framing, and design presentation decks. [my design philosophy]

Creative and adaptive, with high internet research skills. Understands SEO, marketing terms and basic copywriting. Am familiar with Google business apps, Mailchimp, Rare.io, and Google analytics, with the ability to analyze data and perform A/B testing.

I am a web designer/developer, with a focus in fashion ecommerce. I am a quarter of Qual Agency, and part of Ne.Sense. I also run Phase Themes and Zen Themes. On channel 6 is my philosophy on web design and Channel 99 has a list of my skills.

My contact info is on channel 83. I'm always down for new opportunities. Hit me up if you need a website, collaborate on a project, or simply just want to link up.

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